At AVVIK, our mission is to create distinctively versatile products for active and everyday lives.

If you're looking for a $500 backpack, you've come to the wrong place.

To be honest, AVVIK wasn't built for elite outdoor sports competitors or those who seek to reach the summit of every mountain peak above 20,00 feet. We understand that our customers likely spend more time "hiking" through stores, schools, and offices than they do by a lake or trail. Nevertheless, for those with a particular fondness for spending time outdoors amidst their busy schedules, AVVIK was created for you.

At AVVIK, our products are designed for utility and practicality. Whether you're headed out for an outdoor excursion with your closest friends and need room for all of your essentials, packing a laptop and work necessity for a mobile office, or loading up with fruit snacks and jackets before your kindergartners first big game, AVVIK's multipurpose bags and backpacks are crafted to match your ever-changing demands and on-the-go lifestyle.